Presenters:  Jacob Ricker

(1 Day) Thursday, April 18, 2019


New pressure measurement techniques have been developed using the gas refractivity for gas pressures in the range of 1 Pa to 360 kPa. This range is critical to many applications, including altimetry, weather, and industrial process control, many of which strive for accuracies at the limit of current technical capabilities. Additionally, current primary standards are based on mercury manometers which are being eliminated from use wherever possible. Optical techniques have shown to be equivalent to manometers in accuracy and can be made small and portable.

The Fixed Length Optical Cavity (FLOC) is being developed as a NIST standard and will soon replace the mercury manometers.  Collaborations are underway with industry to develop a commercial version of the FLOC as a compact, portable standard.  This class will focus on the underlying science and physics of optical cavities, alignment, lasers, and signal processing that are fundamental to the use of a FLOC.  The class will feature hands on demonstrations along with the classroom instruction and cover the basics for making primary pressure measurements along with building an uncertainty statement.

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