MSC Technical Sessions

TS1A: Internet of Things and Cloud Applications. A Survival Guide of Facilities Managers

March 22, 2018 8:45 am - 10:00 am

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Industrial IoT (IIot) is the fastest growing segment of the IoT (Industrial Internet of Things) industry. Sensor based technology is coming to most mid-to-large size manufacturing facilities in order to allow facilities manager to work smarter not harder and be predictive (PdM) in maintenece methodologies. Conservative estimates of IIoT installations are expected to currently be a $20B industry, and is projected that by 2020 it will rise to a $500B industry, –a 48% CAGR. CISCO forecasts 50B IoT devices will deployed by 2020, ABI Research puts the number at 21B.  In comparison to both, there are about 1B Windows PC’s installed worldwide today, and the PC market is growing at less than 5% per year. Conclusion: IoT client deployments are growing 10x faster and will result in a market at least 10x larger in 2022 in comparison to IT. Yet most enterprise grade  networks are not configured for IoT, and they can be with a few simple changes.

An analysis of various facilities networks indicate that the their WLAN for our SSID is optimized for IT not IoT applications. This is very common scenario in most large enterprise based facilities. Using diagnostic tools, we will detect and recommended controller changes that will add IoT optimization. The changes will also allow many other IoT vendors who will follow initial installations, to deploy their products into a WLAN optimized for IoT.

Who should attend this informative seesion is any Facilities, Asset or Metrology manager that interfaces with decisions at their facility, regarding  PdM (Predicitive Maintenance) building and system monitoring solutions. Special emphasis will be placed on refrigerated storage monitoring, of all types, and other sub-metering of building systems.