MSC Technical Sessions

TS2A: Using PdM (Predictive Maintenace) to Lower Maintenance Costs

March 22, 2018 10:45 am - 12:00 pm

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Sudden freezer failures are a fact of life in a research or pharmacuetical manufacturing facility. Or are they? Existing monitoring systems are based on temperature, which is not predictive in nature, showing only that a problem has already occurred. There are IoT (Industrial Internet of Things) tools that go a step further and monitor the temperature and energy consumption of each freezer via a WiFi or 3G network, allowing you to predict the behavior of an asset. Why energy consumption? While it sounds like a play from the sustainability book, the reality is that changes in performance correlate directly with energy consumption and problems are almost always suggested days, weeks, or even months before a catastrophic failure. Analytics can constantly survey the data coming out of your freezers looking for changes from minute to minute, day to day, and month to month.

Using the latest generation of web-based tools and wireless sensor technologies, we will look at real time health monitoring, benchmarking, data archiving, and energy management of mission critical cold storage assets in life science and pharmaceutical companies. Tools that predict failures before they happen and help you reduce energy, maintenance and parts costs will be reviewed. The clear difference between PM (Preventative Maintenance) and PdM (Predictive Maintenance) will be examined along with which methodology results in better energy savings.

Who benefits? Take your pick; Researchers for low to no risk of product loss knowing that their samples are protected with a sophisticated predictive alarm system, or facilities managers that need to align with ISO 55000 Asset Management standards and 21 CFR part11 compliance for temperature monitoring systems, or a finance department that is looking to understand how costs can increase as laboratory equipment ages. In addition to extremely powerful and unique analytics, we will look at a web-based product that allows you to check the status of your assets from your computer, smart phone, or tablet whenever you want. Don’t want to check? No problem, you’ll be alerted of changing performance and, of course, temperature based on the parameters you set. In addition to the immediate alarms prompted by at-risk freezers, the system will also notify you of freezers that have degraded over a longer time frame. If you’re a facilities manager, utilize these analytics to optimize the performance for a room, building, or whole facility.

In short; this session will talk about how to save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the useful life of your Ultra-Low Temperature freezers, -20s, +4s, incubators, and walk-ins.