MSC Technical Sessions

TS3Cb: The Power of Mise-En-Place in the Metrology and Testing Laboratory

March 22, 2018 1:45 pm - 3:00 pm

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Mark Ruefenacht

American’s are fascinated with celebrity chefs.  If you have ever watched a professional chef prepare and cook a meal, you have probably watched a process and mindset called
“mise-en-place“(pronounced: “me’s on plahhs”).  A French term meaning “put in place.” The concept is to prepare, gather, and arrange the ingredients and tools needed to cook.

Implementing mise-en-place concept in a metrology or testing laboratory will increase efficiency and better utilize resources.  A central tenet of mise-en-place is “working clean.”  Tools and reference standards/materials are organized in the work station according to “what is used most frequently” and according the order of operations.  Mise-en-place becomes a mindset in the workplace.  Practical applications and examples of mise-en-place in the metrology or testing laboratory will be illustrated.