ASQ-CCT (Two Days – April 16-17)

Preparation for ASQ Certified Calibration Technician Exam Refresher Workshop

Part 1

Presenter: Dilip Shah  

Courtesy of: E = mc3 Solutions


Abstract: ASQ certifications have had a history of recognition for over 50 years and they are recognized and endorsed internationally by major corporations.  The ASQ Certified Calibration Technician Exam was first offered in 2003 and shall approach its sixteenth anniversary in 2019 with over 2000 candidates passing the exam.  For the year 2019, the MSC is offering a refresher workshop (April 16-17) at the MSC conference.  The refresher workshop shall prepare the CCT candidate for a final practice round of exam questions, exam taking techniques and any other concerns.


Important Note: 
The prospective candidate has to apply and pay separately for taking the exam. Apply for the exam here (ASQ Web Site) ASQ Administrates this exam at least six times a year. Please follow the link below to schedule the administration of the exam:

Please bring a non programmable scientific calculator to the workshop. 

For those candidates planning to take the exam, here are a few tips offered:

  • The exams are open book.
  • Bring a good scientific calculator (TI-30, TI-36) that you are familiar with using. There is no time to learn how to calculate standard deviation or other functions during the exam. We will go over the refresher with it if you have the calculator. Ensure the calculator has fresh batteries or bring a spare calculator just in case. If the lighting in the exam room is not enough, the solar powered ones may not function well.  Programmable calculators are not allowed.
  • The Metrology Handbook by ASQ Quality Press. An absolute must if you cannot bring any other reference books. The Measurement Quality Division of ASQ sponsored the writing of this book to be a sort of concise reference for the CCT exam and to have on the metrologist’s desk for future reference.
  • NIST SP811, NIST 330, NIST 1297 – bring printed copies of them.  You are not allowed to have a computer during the exam.  You can download these from
  • Bring Post-it notes to mark the pages of the books.  It makes it easy to reference the pages during the exam.
  • Good No. 2 pencils and even better erasers in case you decide to change your answer.
  • Scratch paper.
  • Copy of ISO/IEC 17025, ANSI/Z540-1, ISO 9001 and ISO Guide 99:2007 if you have them.
  • Create a “cheat sheet” of formulas on the scratch paper so you have easy access to them during the exam without flipping through the books.  We will also ask you to make one during the workshop.
  • Hard copies of any NCSLI RP or RISPs are good references to have, but not
  • A good first year college Physics book and any other reference you feel will help.
    The CCT Body of Knowledge is listed

You will be provided the CCT Primer by Quality Council of Indiana during the workshop.  But, if you want to practice test questions from it earlier (highly recommended), buy the solutions manual from Quality Council of Indiana earlier (  You will get a good idea of the logic behind the way the questions are asked and answered.  You cannot take the solutions manual or sample questions from the CCT Primer during the exam.
For more information please contact Dilip Shah at 330.328.4400,