Workshop Developer Biography: 


Michael Pond

Vice President

Pond Engineering

Office: (303) 651-1678, Ext.3

Cell: (303) 717-7846



Michael Pond joined Pond Engineering in 2014 after graduating from Brigham Young University – Idaho, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been the lead development engineer for more recent products including the Model K61 Stirred Liquid Metrology Bath – the industry’s only bottom-stirred liquid bath that utilizes a magnetically-coupled brushless DC motor and stirling cooler. He also led the development effort for the Model K29D Triple Point of Water Cell Maintenance system, extensively utilizing additive manufacturing processes, allowing for an unprecedented low price for a system with this level of performance. Michael has also been at the forefront of modernizing the user interface and control systems of the calibration products, incorporating touch-screen interfaces and IIoT functionality.