T04 (Full Day A+B back to back)

Hands-on Resistance and High Current Measurements

Author/Presenter: Mark Evans                 

Courtesy of: Guildline Instruments



Session A (4 Hours) focuses on measuring low to mid-range resistances based on current and measuring high value resistances based on voltage; while session B covers very low resistance measurements using high currents. Session A (4 hours) will provide deep analysis into the variables that affect test setups, measurement results and uncertainties.  Special attention will be paid to resistance design, impact of wiring, proper guarding and grounding; as well as well material contributions to uncertainty such as environmental, power and temperature coefficients, voltage coefficients, and individual drift of standards (with linear regression). Addressing these contributions in an uncertainty analysis will be provided.


Session B (4 hours) covers Precision DC high current measurements. Equipment to be used includes high current sources, different types of current shunts, and associated high current cabling. Participants will be able to use different setups with hands-on practice. Involvement in this workshop will provide understanding of best practices, associated measurement techniques, and tangible demonstrations of measurements using high current. Measurement parasites that affect high current measurements will also be covered as well as Safety considerations. Design issues for high current standards will also be discussed. Measurement uncertainties will be reviewed and outlined in a real-world, practical uncertainty budget.