T06 (Full Day)

Pipette Calibration and Repair  

Author/Presenter: Larry S. Newman

Courtesy of: Thermo Fisher Scientific


Abstract(s): Pipettes are used to transfer an accurate amount of liquid from one location to another in many industries such as Bio/ Pharma, Life Sciences and Quality or regulatory testing labs. Pipettes must be maintained, and in accordance with ISO 8655, must past both an accuracy and precision specification in order to be useable in these environments. This course will provide a half day of theory behind proper calibration and maintenance of some of the leading pipettes that are common in industry, collegiate and research spaces. In addition, the class will also develop uncertainty budgets around certain volumes of liquid according to ANSI/ ASTM Z-540.2. Since technique is critical to passing or failing a pipette, the second half of the day will be spent measuring pipette values gravimetrically, repairing pipettes, and looking at how technique can affect calibration results. Attendees will walk away with an in-depth knowledge of pipette calibration, ergonomics, pipette calibration software options and the proper equipment for calibrating pipettes and other volumetric apparatus.