T09 (AM Only)

Triple Point of Water Realization and Maintenance Considerations

Authors/Presenters: Stan Pond, Michael Pond

Courtesy of: Pond Engineering



This half-day tutorial has been developed to provide hands-on instruction promoting safe and effective use of a Triple Point of Water cell, and includes demonstration and discussion in the following areas:

Cell Basics, including verifying the integrity of the cell envelope, advantages of Type “A” and Type “B” cells, effects of various cell envelope materials, magnitude and application of needed temperature corrections, and considerations associated with achievable realization uncertainty, as related to a user’s uncertainty requirements.

Mantle Formation Techniques, including initial ice formation and a review of various cooling/ice building methods. There will also be discussion regarding annealing the ice mantle, as well as the importance of and techniques used in forming an inner melt and verifying its adequacy.

Maintenance & Use Considerations, including discussion regarding selection of a maintenance method/apparatus, suitability of bath fluids in stirred liquid baths and fluid maintenance, making zero-power measurements, bushing use, bridging issues, techniques for rebuilding an ice mantle, and establishing useful mantle life parameters.