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We are Proud to Present Our Featured 2019 Measurement Science Innovators:





Pond Engineering

Pond Engineering, a small business on the Colorado Front Range, is a global supplier of Primary and Secondary ITS-90 Fixed Point realization and maintenance systems, precision calibration equipment, and custom-engineered systems for industries from agriculture to aeronautics. Pond Engineering is the only commercial manufacturer of Fixed Point realization and maintenance equipment over the full ITS-90 interpolation from Argon (-189.344 °C) through Silver (967.78 °C)



Morehouse Instrument Co.

Morehouse Instrument Co. for over 95 years, we have been successful in providing the right calibration services and products for commercial labs, government labs, and anyone in the industry requiring accurate force or torque measurements. Morehouse Instrument Company developed and perfected instruments and machines, eventually including the Proving Ring. Morehouse is the world leader in precise and unquestionable force measurements and force calibration, with all calibrations traceable directly to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and certified accordingly. Morehouse Instrument Co. provides periodic calibration of your load cells or other force measuring instruments from 0.1 lbf to 2,250,000 lbf. Since 2004 our lab features a 120,000 LBF Morehouse Dead Weight Machine which allows us to give the best possible calibration to our customers and to calibrate primary standards up to 120,000 lbf at a fraction of the cost other calibration labs charge. In 2010 Morehouse Instrument Company finished construction of its Primary Torque Calibration Lab. The torque machine built by NPL gives Morehouse the privilege of being the second most accurate laboratory in the world for torque calibrations from 1 N-m through 2000 N-m (PTB has the lowest overall uncertainty).



Cal Lab Solutions

Cal Lab Solutions is a metrology based software engineering company based in the Denver Metro Area.  For over 15 years, we have been developing both customized and off-the-shelf software solutions for companies around the world. With expertise in both software development and metrology, we’re able to engineer innovative solutions to seemingly impossible tasks. Because software is an integral part of metrology, we pride ourselves on creating innovative, high quality software for the metrology world.


Two years ago, we released Metrology.NET®, the first system-of-systems technology built to cover all disciplines of metrology.  Our methodology is an industry disrupter as it allows all of your software to work together.  This year we are introducing Metrology Blocks™, a browser based, software development tool built specifically for the metrology industry.  It allows technicians with varying skill levels to program in Metrology.NET by combining both a visual development experience and the traditional text based editor.  Come visit Cal Lab Solutions, Inc. at booth 114 at the MSC Training Symposium, and see how we can improve your lab’s data collection and measurement uncertainties with this pioneering new technology.

Cal Lab Solutions

T: 303-317-6670

F: 303-317-5295