Keynote Speaker: Michael Klyde – Monday Luncheon (12pm – 1pm)

Mike Klyde - MSC

Michael Klyde

Professor, Automotive Technology 

T-TEN Coordinator

Cypress College, California

The DeLorean Motorcar

Mike Klyde was born with the car gene. From his first toy Mustang that an auto dealer gave his parents during a vehicle test drive at age 3, to a lifetime spent working in the auto industry. The DeLorean job was a fluke. On break from courses at University of Arkansas, Mike drove West to work during the summer of 1981 in Southern California. An employment agency sent him to an interview at DeLorean Motor Company and was hired to work in the Santa Ana Quality Assurance Center. From not even knowing what a DeLorean was, to being one of the youngest there, he was quickly able to take on the task of getting the vehicles in the best shape for sale possible ,and he has a couple scars from the stainless steel to prove it. Since those early days at age 18, Mike has worked as a vehicle technician, R and D tech for Hitachi Automotive Products and has worked at or for several vehicle manufacturers developing technician training materials. A pioneer in what was first called computer based training, Mike led the way to highly interactive online training for Honda, Mazda and Kia. He currently is a full time professor running the Toyota/Lexus T-TEN Program at Cypress College. Mike was named California Automotive Instructor of the Year for his work to help students back in the lab during the COVID pandemic along with creating online content to bridge the gap while in lockdown. Mike has also authored two automotive textbooks and continues to develop automotive training courses. Mike is an avid vintage vehicle enthusiast with a small collection of vehicles, several of which he has restored, and now takes on tours and various vehicle events around the U.S.


Keynote Speaker: Jim Kushmerick – Tuesday Luncheon (12pm – 1pm)

James Kushmerick - MSC

Jim Kushmerick

Quantum SI: Foundational Research to Measurement Dissemination


Removal of the final artifact (Le Grand K) received the most publicity in the 2019 redefinition of the SI.  In this talk I hope to demonstrate that underpinning the “new” metric system on fundamental constants of nature provides exciting opportunities for metrology innovation far beyond liberation from an artifact.  Traceability of measurements to the SI in can be provided in new and more direct ways, and in some instances the “calibration customer” can realize a primary standard themselves.  This talk will describe many of these advances – some of which are possible immediately, and others that are the subject of ongoing research.


Dr. James Kushmerick is Director of the Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) where he is responsible for the maintenance, development, and dissemination of the U.S. national measurement standards system, and he oversees NIST’s world-class programs in quantum information science, neuromorphic computing, and quantum measurement standards. He also directs the full suite of NIST calibration services in dimensional, electromagnetic, ionizing radiation, mechanical, optical, thermodynamic, and time and frequency metrology.


Keynote Speaker: Kurt Floren – Wednesday Luncheon (12pm – 1pm)

Kurt Floren | MSC

Kurt Floren

Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner

Director of Weights and Measures

From Uncertainties to Confidence: Connection of Lab Standards to Marketplace Equity


Kurt Floren was appointed Agricultural Commissioner/Director of Weights and Measures for Los Angeles County in January 2005.  Having majored in biology at California State University, Northridge, he began working for L.A. County in 1981 as a pest detection trapper in the Mediterranean fruit fly detection program at the height of the “Fruit Fly Wars,” he notes.  Following assignments working with the CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture and USDA, he spent three years in private industry and returned to the L.A. County Department of Agricultural Commissioner/ Weights and Measures in 1985, assigned for his first time to Weights and Measures duties. He rose to the position of Supervising Weights and Measures Inspector, was recruited in 1999 to the San Diego County Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures as Deputy Commissioner/Sealer in charge of its Standards Enforcement Division, ultimately becoming the department’s Assistant Director before being appointed by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors as Department Head 19 years ago.

Mr. Floren is now the 2nd longest serving Department Head in L.A. County, the longest serving County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures in California, Vice President of Weights and Measures for the California Agricultural Commissioners and Sealers Association (CACASA), Past President of the Western Weights & Measures Association (13 western states), and Past Chairman of the National Conference on Weights & Measures.

Mr. Floren will discuss and explore how mass, volumetric, and other standards certified in metrology laboratories are employed, through legal metrology, to create and ensure confidence in the marketplace.  We all depend upon the relative accuracy and traceability of such standards to provide assurance that we and our fellow consumers can have trust in business operations, receive that for which we pay, and have confidence that fair competition and equity may prevail in the world of routine transactions which we take for granted.