Technical Sessions - MSC

Breakdown of Sessions - MSC

Session 1 Thursday 8-10 - MSC

1A-D NIST on a CHIP Panel Session

Panelists: I Barbara Goldstein, NIST; Chris Holloway, NIST; Roger Peniche, Fluke Calibration; Subrata Sanyal, NSWC; Bob Fritzche, NSWC

Sessions 2 Thursday 1045 - 12 - MSC

2A Application Proposal for a Nationwide On Site Calibration Services

Speaker: Ing. Roberto Benitez Chavez, ETALONS, S.A. de C.V.

2B Federal Resources for Calibration Collaboration

Moderator: Jennifer Stewart, NSWC

2C Applications of Predictive Maintenance

Speaker: Hans Devouassoux, Disneyland Resort

2D Common Errors and Innovations with Drywell Calibrators

Speaker: Dallen Baugh,  Additel

Luncheon Keynote Speakers - MSC

Technical Sessions - MSC

Breakdown of Sessions - MSC

Session 3 Thursday 1:45-3 - MSC

3A Applications of ‘Smart’ Technology to the Human Mission of Quality Assurance

Speaker: Diane Kulisek, Consultant

3B Fundamentals of Electrical Metrology

Moderator: Jesse Morse, Morse Metrology

3C Practical Tools for Measurement Systems Analysis

Speaker: Gabor Szabo, Edwards Life Science

3D Analytics of Pressure & Temperature Measurements in Plastics Manufacturing 

Speaker: Andres Blanco,  Dynisco

Session 4 Thursday 3:45 - 5 pm - MSC

4A Latest Innovations in Metrology Training

Speaker: Ryan Egbert, Sine Calibration

4B How to Measure Geometric Tolerances on Intricate and Unique Products

Speaker: Joe DeSimone, Consultant

4C How to Perform a Capability Analysis using Minitab Software

Speaker: Cheryl Pammer, Minitab


Speaker: TBA

Exhibit Hall - MSC

Technical Sessions - MSC

Breakdown of Sessions - MSC

Sessions 5 Friday 845 - 10am - MSC

5A Thermal Evaluation of a Photonic based Primary Pressure Standard

Speaker: Jacob Ricker, NIST

5B Practical Pressure Calibration

Speakers: Jim Pronge, Ametek; Doug Larson, Wilmington Instrument Co.

5C Machine Learning

Speaker: Cheryl Pammer, Minitab

5E Student Presentations

Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Anaheim, CA

Session 6 Friday 10:45 - 12 - MSC

6A Metrology Systems & the Generation of Sharing Calibration Data

Speakers: Jake Jacanin, Qualer; Michael Schwartz, Cal Lab Solutions

6B Integrated Photonic-Based Sensors for Biomedical Metrology

Speakers: Nathan J. Castro & Zeeshan Ahmed, NIST

6C Applications of Non-Destructive Testing at Disneyland

Speakers: Mike Menendez & Mark Lindsey, Disneyland

6D Shades of Dark Uncertainty & Consensus Value for the Newtonian Constant of Gravitation

Speaker: Antonio Possolo, NIST

Session 7 Friday 2-4 - MSC

7A-D Plenary Session & Symposium Closing

Panelists: Ron Ginley, NIST retired – Title: The Anatomy of a Measurement; Dean Jarrett, NIST – Title: Ohm to Quantum Ohm

Symposium General Information

Symposium General Info - MSC