T02 (Full Day)

Basic Low Gas Flow Calibration Using molbloc/molbox Gas Flow Standards

Authors/Presenters: Casey Rombouts, Kyle Clark

Courtesy of: Fluke Calibration


Abstract: This tutorial covers the knowledge needed to calibrate a number of gas flow devices using molbloc/molbox gas flow standards from 1 sccm to as high as 5000 slm including theory, use, calibration method, safety and data/uncertainty analysis.    The complicated difference between mass flow and volume flow is discussed.   Devices covered include mass flow controllers, different types of mass flow meters, rotameters, orifice meters, anemometers and gas meters.  Demonstration/hands on exercises are offered for the calibration of some of these devices in a limited range.  Results are analyzed for typical types of influences.  An uncertainty analysis is discussed at the end of the class.