T03 (Full Day)

Metrology 101, Back to Basics

Author/Presenter: Tim Mason

Courtesy of: TBA


Abstract(s): This class is very informal and welcomes feedback and interaction between attendees and the instructors. The subjects are a combination of hands-on and class room presentations but will always leave you sharper than when you arrived. This tutorial is for anyone wanting to learn more about the metrology sciences and hone your skill sets. The class is presented by multiple instructors through out the day. Whether you are a seasoned measurement professional, an admin, engineer, or just beginning in this industry, there is something for everyone in the Metrology 101 Back to Basics tutorial.
This year’s subjects include:

  • Uncertainty Measurement 101– this session will teach you how and why we use measurement uncertainty. You will learn in a relaxed atmosphere where all questions are welcome. Presented by Dennis Jackson, one the premier metrology engineers in the industry. He is able to take a complicated subject and teach so that everyone can learn.  This is a must attend session if your “uncertain” about measurement uncertainty or if you want to up your skills and take this session from the one of the industry’s leader on this subject. 
  • What Quality Standard Do I Need? Wondering what this ISO 17025 is? or ISO 9002? or many others? This session presented by Howard Zion will focus on the various quality standards that the industry offers. 
  • Under Pressure – Just Pressure from the terminology to how to calibrate a pressure gauge.This session is hands-on. Presented by Doug Larson, owner of Wilmington Instruments and Jim Pronge of Ametek.   
  • Process Calibration– this session will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about “in-process” calibrations, including transmitters, 4-20 milliamp sources and how to use the instrumentation. All this is taught from the novice level. Presented by John Bowman.
  • Preventative Maintenance– or also known as Predictive Maintenance. This edition of the Back to Basics class will show you about an industry standard of how to extend the life of your equipment. Also, could you predict when failures or remedial(s) will occur? Come find out in this very informative class where the information can be applied to work or home. Presented by Larry Newman.