Carol Hockert is currently a private consultant serving as a technical expert in metrology and legal metrology. She has spent over eight years as both a lead and technical assessor for the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and continues to provide technical training in metrology and legal metrology.

Work History and Relevant Work Experience:

Ms. Hockert retired from NIST in 2016, where she was the Chief of the Office of Weights and Measures for over ten years. In her role there, she was responsible for providing technical expertise, training, international perspective and representation, and oversight to the U.S. legal metrology infrastructure. As part of her responsibilities, she also served as the Executive Secretary for the National Conference on Weights and Measures. Prior to her appointment at NIST, she was the Director of the Weights and Measures Division for the State of Minnesota, where she was responsible for enforcing weights and measures laws and regulations throughout the state. Ms. Hockert began her career as a metrologist in the Minnesota state metrology laboratory, where she gained experience in mechanical, dimensional and thermodynamic calibrations, as well as in technical writing.

Other Activities:

Ms. Hockert is a Past President of NCSL International (NCSLI), a professional association made up of people and organizations with an interest in measurement science. NCSLI promotes competitiveness and success of its members by improving the quality of products and services through excellence in calibration, testing, and metrology education and training.

Education, Skills and Proficiencies:

Ms. Hockert received her Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota in 1983.

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